• Sasha Krassovsky


Weddings are memorable as it is with family and friends coming together to celebrate, enjoy fantastic food and libations, and maybe even meet some new acquaintances. But aside from the emotional part of the celebration, there are also many wonderful ways to incorporate fun activities to engage your guests as well!

A popular one is adding a photo booth. All of your guests get to be a little silly and cram into a booth to create fun photos for you and them to remember that special time. Many of them offer goofy props, hats, boas and funny sayings to add to the photos. Usually, two pop out of the booth so you can ask to keep one and they get to keep one too! Or add an selfie station so your guests automatically have their photos posted on social media or saved to their smartphones.

Courtesy of Milou + Olin Photography

Another great way to remember the evening is including disposable or polaroid cameras so your guests can take candid photos. When you develop them, I’m sure you will find hilarious moments, and even intimate ones. A shared kiss with your new partner, maybe a (happy) tearful moment during the father-daughter dance, or your younger brother doing some ridiculous dance move! In any case, the photos will certainly be fun to look at and you won’t know what to expect.

Maybe a little out of the box but turning the wedding into a karaoke night at the end of the evening can bring lots of enjoyment and certainly entertainment. Perhaps keep the song list to lively, happy dance tunes to have the dance floor grooving.

Courtesy of Bruce Forester Photography

Speaking of dance floors, why not include some group dances that everyone can join in on? Plenty of cultures have their own songs and dances they like to incorporate to the evening. A “Macarena” or “Cha cha slide” can also be the way to get everyone moving.

Courtesy of JC Page Photography

Your wedding is your time to include whatever tradition you like, as well as include your family and friends that will surely make them feel that they were able to make your day that much more wonderful!