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When thinking about Popping the Question, usually the first thought is to do something personal and romantic. San Francisco has a plethora of lovely places to make a lasting impression, including the legendary InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco.

Photo by Jarrod J. Photography

Allow me to paint a picture here. The sun is starting to go down, and you have had an amazing day with your partner touring all over the city and visiting some of your favorite spots. You remember that one of the most memorable dates you have had with your significant other is a time you spent at Top of the Mark. The drinks were great, and the view is unbeatable. A casual suggestion to re-visit this special place is made and you both decide it’s a wonderful idea. Little do they know that setup has gone on all day with florals, candles and an especially spectacular meal is being prepared.

You finally walk in through the elegant 1920’s lobby and reach the elevators. As you make it to the Top of the Mark, the doors are closed and just waiting to be opened. As you swing through the doors, the words “Marry Me” are lit up in a stunning marquis in the middle of the elevated terrace surrounded with glowing candles and light pink and white rose petals. The sun is just setting and there really isn’t a more perfect way for your partner to say “Yes!”

After the big surprise, your photographer takes more incredible photos to capture this moment and your favorite song starts to play. You dance and revel in this beautiful memory you are both making while the spectacular service of the Top of the Mark is preparing a champagne toast. You cheers to this new chapter of your lives and this place has a new-found meaning to it that you both will remember back on and cherish.

Photo by Michelle Walker

There are countless ways to propose in this amazing city. Maybe your favorite view is along the wide Ocean Beach. Or perhaps your first walk together was near the Palace of Fine Arts. Union Square is also sparkly, especially during Christmastime. But while all these places are lovely in their own way, the InterContinental Mark Hopkins has a certain je ne sais quoi and a staff of incredible employees that would love to be a part of such a special memory.

If you’re looking for even more reason to make the IC Mark Hopkins your Special Place, Top of the Mark was recently featured as one of the “Top 25 Romantic Places to Propose” by Historic Hotels of America. Check out the article here: Top_25_Romantic_Places_to_Propose. (The list is presented by age of the hotel.)

Here are the vendors that helped put together this fabulous proposal:

Blueprint Studios

Entire Productions

A Love’s in Bloom


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