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Image: @parickquezada Band: @mrchrisnortan

As this timeless Dean Martin tune comes on, who doesn’t want to step on the dance floor and dance the night away? Music has so much to do with the feel of your wedding and it’s important to find just the right vibe.

There are many ways to incorporate music to get people jumping up and down to “Shout!” or sharing a sweet moment with your special someone to “Fly me to the Moon”. The question is, are you looking for a live band with a crooner similar to Michael Bublé who can also sing a Fergie or Rhianna song, or do you want an incredible party feel with a DJ? Having both is also an option!

A live band will give you a classic touch with the instruments filling the room to Big Band tunes. But if you want some Top 40 in the mix, most live bands can accommodate that as well.

Image: @parickquezada Band: @mrchrisnortan

Having a lively and personable MC to get the party moving is also a fun idea if you don’t have a friend or family member to help out with that. I recently went to a wedding where the MC was also the trumpeter and the singer for the band. He led the bride and groom into the ballroom blasting that trumpet as if we were all at a party on Bourbon St. in New Orleans! I was waiting for Mardi Gras to begin at any moment! It was an outstanding experience for everyone there. The energy was unreal!

DJ’s can certainly put a modern spin to the dance floor. If it’s your thing to get everyone onto the floor in a group dance, they can accommodate with a “Macarena” or a “Cha Cha Slide”. The classic wedding dance songs are always fun too so having a DJ can be nice to be able to play any song you want. Even if you have a special request, they can almost always help out if you send it over to them prior to the wedding. For example, if you have a specific traditional, cultural song, they can incorporate that throughout the evening.

A nice tip about DJ’s is that they can usually provide lighting as well to enhance the event space. Up lights and basic Audio Visuals can come at a bundle price and might be able to save you a few pennies 😊.

The last option is to just have both! Why not start the evening with an energetic band and then keep the party going with a fun DJ? You can even host an after party in a different space and move everyone over for more dancing, delicious late night snacks and libations.

There are so many ways to enhance a wedding, but one of the biggest ones is music. So find what works best for you and make it an even more memorable evening! Here are a few recommendations:

Mr. Chris Norton Band

Chris Norton (mrchrisnorton.com)

DJ Jeremy Productions (both DJ & Photobooth)


AG Productions (DJ & Lighting)


Denon & Doyle


Gatsby Entertainment


Four Leaf Entertainment


Spintronix Entertainment


Hip Service


Lucky Devils


Martini Straight Up


New Soul Brigade


Wonder Bread 5



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