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Who doesn’t expect some kind of dessert at a wedding?! Traditionally, wedding cakes are the favorite choice but there are many ways to share that sweet tooth.

Did you know that the wedding cake originated as far back as Ancient Rome? The cake was a little different but at the end of a marriage ceremony, a scone-like wheat or barley cake was broken by the groom, over the head of the bride for luck and fertility. I think it’s safe to say our cakes have come a long way from barley!

Maybe you want to incorporate your favorite flowers. Or maybe you are both sports fans and want to have your rival teams on the cake. If your favorite cake flavor is Funfetti, go for it! Have fun with however you want to share the sweetest with all of your closest family and friends.

Another option is to just have a gorgeous display of tasty desserts. Maybe you’re not a huge cake person so you would prefer to have assorted cupcakes, or a dessert fountain or just a bevy of all kinds of sweets. Sometimes, all you need is a great candy display full of chocolate and lollipops. It also goes along way with kids!

After all that dancing, sometimes a surprise treat is what you need.I’ve seen a lot of weddings that will bring out ice cream at the end of the night. Or maybe a late-night brownie a la mode snack. Some will even bring out a donut or an ice cream sundae truck!

Ice Cream Truck

No matter how you want to spread the celebration of love, a sweet ending to the evening is sure to have a memorable one.

Photos: Jacky and Jay Photography; Jarrod J. Photography

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